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Model - Shapeoko Pro XL

Cutting area - 33'' x 17.5'' x 4'' (83.82 cm x 44.45 cm x 10.16 cm)

Spindle - AMB 1400 FME-P 1400W input power (750W output power)

Spindle RPM range - 5000 - 25000 RPM

Axis of freedom - XYZ

To be save don't design anything bigger than 800mm x 400mm.

The spindle has 6 positions:

  1. 5.000 rpm
  2. 7.700 rpm
  3. 12.500 rpm
  4. 16.500 rpm
  5. 21.000 rpm
  6. 25.000 rpm

Always use "Bottom" as zero height, and zero the Z on the workbed. Do not zero the Z on the top of your stock, because you'll risk milling into the workbed!

You can make your design and the accompanying toolpaths using Carbide Create software, or use any other compatible CAD/CAM software (e.g. Fusion 360).

The Shapeoko is controlled using Carbide Motion software. We have BitSetter to set the height of the inserted tool and a BitZero to make zeroing easy.

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