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Unloading the old material

On the front of the printer

The rolls can be heavy: ask for help if necessary.

  1. Open the front cover
  2. Move the (wing-shaped) material clamps to the sides.

On the back of the printer

  1. Move the lever up to set the material free.
  2. Roll the material back on the roll, and put a fitting colored clamp on the roll to prevent the material from unwinding. See image below.
  3. Loosen the left ‘roll holder’ as shown below; make sure to hold it so it does not fall down.
  4. Carefully remove the roll from the holders.
  5. Put the roll on the ‘roll rack’, and make sure the material sticker on the inside of the roll is visible.

Loading the new material

On the front of the printer

  1. Open the front cover.
  2. Move the (wing-shaped) material clamps to the edges.
  3. Pull up the lever on the right.

On the back of the printer

  1. Make sure only the left ‘roll holder’ is loosened and push it to the left to open up the space between the 'roll holders'
  2. Choose a material. The rolls are marked on the inside with round stickers.
  3. Put the material on the right-hand side ‘roll holder’. The end of the material should be turning away from you.
  4. Push the left-hand side of the ‘roll holder’ inwards while holding the roll and secure it.
  5. Push the end/flap of the material through the opening to the other side of the printer. As shown below.
  6. Pull down the lever on the left to hold the material in place.
  7. Move to the other side of the printer (the front).

Roller setup and material alignment

In this step, the material will be aligned and secured correctly.

  1. Move up the lever on the right while holding down the material.
  2. Pull the Media forward. Make sure the front edge of the material is aligned  halfway over the last row of holes, as shown below.
  3. Once the rollers are positioned correctly and the front of the material is aligned with the edge, hold the material in its place and push the lever on the right side down.
  4. Place the far right rollers above the material, below a rightmost blue rectangle. Do not move the other rollers.
    • CHECK: The wheel must be ON the material, BENEATH a blue rectangle.
    • There should be a distance of at least 1 cm between the roller wheel edge and the material edge.
  5. Move the (wing-shaped) material clamps over the material, left and right.
  6. Close the front cover a) If you open the cover during printing, the process will stop b) You may be able to resume printing, but sometimes the error cannot be recovered
  7. Press ‘enter’ to initiate the setup of the printer.

Setting cutting force

Before starting to cut it's important to always check the cutting force that is already set, you might need to change it according to the material you are using.

  1. Press the "Function" button
  2. Arrow down to find "Cut Config"
  3. Arrow right to go into "Cut Config"
  4. Arrow down to find "Force"
  5. Arrow down to decrease or Arrow up to increase the desired cutting force.
  6. Press the "Enter" button
Material force [gf]
Static foil 70
Heat transfer 85-90
Vinyl 65-90
Carpet 120-130
PP 110-120
Cover 110-115

After you are done printing

Do not switch off the main power. If you do so, the ink can dry in the print heads, damaging or even ruining them. If the machine is on standby, it will prevent this from happening.

You switch the machine to standby by pressing the on/off button on the operation panel for one second. The manual calls this standby state ‘sub power’.

If you want to delete your design from VersaWorks, double-click a job, select the button and confirm the deletion.

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