FDM Special features

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Wide range of materials

One of the best features of FDM printing is the wide range of materials that can be used. Keep in mind that when using a material that is not PLA, u will have to make sure to select this material on the printer before starting your print. This is because different materials have different melting points so the nozzle needs to heat up the filament at different temperature as well. One of these special materials is recycled pellets, which are used by the pellet printer.

Pellet printer Wall-E

As part of a research project, FabLab acquired a printer capable of printing with plastic pellets instead of pre-made filament. Making it easier to print with untested or recycled materials.

Ask a FabLab employee about its use.

Materials will require the following properties:

  • Non-toxic
  • Pellets size: 1mm – 5mm diameter
  • Contaminations smaller than 0,8mm
  • Requires use of larger nozzle