FDM Safety

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Hot parts

The printing bed can heat up to 140 degrees while printing, so before removing your print, make sure the bed has sufficiently cooled down. The nozzle of the printer can be even hotter, reaching a maximum temperature of 280 degrees. Be aware of the danger when trying to clean debris of the nozzle, always use tools or gloves instead of your bare hands. When using these tools be very careful to not damage any parts of the machine.

Moving parts

Both the build plate and the print head can move very suddenly, so don’t put your hands (or any other body parts) within the closed cage while the machine is running.

Food safety

FDM printers do not produce food safe prints, even if a food safe material is printed. FDM leaves tiny holes in the print; if these holes get contaminated with bacteria, it is not possible to remove them.

Developing products for food safe applications is possible with FDM, but u can only use it as a mold to cast objects with a food safe material.