FDM Replacing the nozzle

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  1. Remove the print bed and place something soft under the print head in case the nozzle falls.
  2. Remove the material out of the printer. (Note: It is the same process as replacing the material described in “How to/ Prepare the printer.”)
  3. Go to the temperature settings and heat up the nozzle to 165°C.
  4. Use a 7mm wrench to carefully loosen and remove the nozzle. (Warning! Do not pick up the nozzle right away as you will burn yourself.)
  5. Take your new nozzle and carefully but quickly screw it into the print head. (Warning! The nozzle will get hot quickly, so only put it in 1 turn so it doesn’t fall out.)
  6. Use the wrench to tighten the nozzle. (Caution: Do not overtighten the nozzle as you may twist or damage the print head.)
  7. Put new material in the printer as described in the chapter “How to/ Prepare the printer.”
  8. Level the bed as described in “How to/ Prepare the printer.”
  9. Cool down the printer.