FDM Printing fails

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  • Incomplete Print:
    • The print does not adhere to the bed. Always scrutinize the first layer, as it is often the root cause. In addition to the first layer under extrusion possibilities:
      • Contact surface area is too small.
      • Material lacks proper adhesion to the bed.
      • Nozzle is positioned too high above the bed.
      • Insufficient support.
  • Interrupted Extrusion (Extrusion Stopped Completely, Missing Layers, or Resulting in Spaghetti):
    • Out of filament.
    • Knot in the filament on the roll.
    • Stripped filament (refer to the section above).
    • Clogged nozzle.
    • Heat creep, where the filament softens prematurely, increases in diameter, and jams before reaching the nozzle. Resolving this extends beyond this document's scope and may necessitate printer maintenance or a redesign.
    • TPU:
      • Excessive resistance in the feed system (such as sticking to the wall of a Bowden tube).
      • Filament escapes control after the drive.
    • Filament transport stops (refer to the section above).