FDM Fixing a clogged nozzle

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Fixing can be done by burning off all the material that is stuck inside, to do this firstly go to a well ventilated place since this will produce some smoke. Get a blow torch and turn the flame fairly low, now get a small cup with water and put this below the flame of the torch, get some plier to hold the nozzle and hold this in front of the flame, rotating regularly. After a 10 to 30 seconds a molten piece of plastic should fall out into the cup of water. If u can see through the nozzle it means u have finished cleaning the nozzle, if u can’t it means it’s still clogged, use a needle and pressurized air to remove the rest of the burned material until completely cleaned and see trough.

Tip: To nozzle flush a Prusa printer u have to unscrew the these two screw and move the feeder to the side, see the figure down below: