FDM First layer

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  • In an ideal first layer:
    • Individual strands should be visibly distinct.
    • Individual strands should seamlessly merge with their neighbors.
    • The strands should exhibit a slight flattening.
  • Local under-extrusion or no extrusion at all can be attributed to:
    • The nozzle being too close to the bed; prolonged proximity may lead to nozzle clogging.
    • Uneven bed leveling.
    • Failure to prime the nozzle.
    • Inadequate nozzle temperature.
    • Nozzle blockage.
    • Incorrect first layer height.
    • Filament stripping.
    • Depletion of filament supply.
  • Issues with print adhesion to the bed (locally):
    • Nozzle positioned too high.
    • Inadequate bed preparation.
    • Uneven bed leveling.
    • Consider reducing print speed.
    • Utilize a brim to increase the print's surface area.
    • Lower print speed (as a last resort, especially for unfamiliar materials).
  • Localized over-extrusion (nozzle leaves traces in the printed material):
    • Nozzle proximity to the bed is too close, and the nozzle scraping through freshly laid filament is a concerning sign.
    • Excessive extrusion multiplier.