FDM Filament problems

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  • Insufficient Filament to Complete the Print: In the event of insufficient filament to complete the print, it is recommended to inspect the filament roll. Keep in mind that slicers provide an estimate of the required quantity.
  • Snapped Filament: Filament snapping during printing often results from the material aging, becoming brittle, and prone to breakage.
  • Filament Transport Stops: Filament transport halting can occur due to various reasons:
    • Stripped filament happens when the transport stops, causing the toothed gear driving the filament forward to chew into it. To address this issue, unload the filament and trim away the damaged section. For users employing a novel material or a non-standard profile, ensure that retraction settings are not overly aggressive, with careful attention to the speed.
    • Confirm that the nozzle is adequately heated to melt the filament.
    • Verify that the nozzle is not clogged.
    • Check the idler tensioner to ensure sufficient tension.
    • The toothed gear may become clogged with filament residue; clean it to restore its capacity to feed filament to the nozzle.