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Electronics adds "the magic" to your product. It usually consists of a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) on which electronic components are soldered. The traces of the PCB connect the various components together into a working system.

To create an electronic system, one has to design an electronic schematic and convert that into a PCB layout. This layout can then be milled on our PCB milling machine.

Our electronics area is fully equipped with all tools required to make a fully functioning, professionally looking PCB. You can use our various soldering and measurement tools to create and test it. We have some standard electronic components available, but make sure to check their specifications and order your own components if needed.

Designing a printed circuit board

To design a PCB, specific Electronics Design software is required. We prefer to use the open source and freely available Kicad. But other software can be use too, for example EasyEDA, Autodesk Fusion 360 or Altium designer.

If you want to mill your PCB on our PCB milling machine, a few design rules apply. Make sure to read them and apply them to your design!

Available tools and equipment

Siglent SDS1104X-E oscilloscope https://www.eleshop.nl/catalog/product/view/id/1911/s/siglent-sds1104x-e-oscilloscope/category/314/
Siglent SDG1032X functiongenerator https://www.eleshop.nl/siglent-sdg1032x-functiegenerator.html
Brymen BM257s multimeter https://www.eleshop.nl/catalog/product/view/id/1170/s/brymen-bm257s-multimeter/category/320/
Brymen BRUA-20X USB kit https://www.eleshop.nl/catalog/product/view/id/1336/s/brymen-kitbrua-20x/category/23/
Zeroplus logic analyser LAP-C 16000 series https://www.eleshop.nl/zeroplus-lapc16000-logic-analyzer.html
TinySA spectrum analyser https://www.eleshop.nl/tinysa-spectrum-analyser.html
UNI-T UT612 LCR meter https://www.eleshop.nl/uni-t-ut612-capaciteitsmeter.html
Guide IR PC210 thermal imaging camera https://www.eleshop.nl/guide-ir-pc210-warmtebeeldcamera.html
Sensepeek PCBite probe kit with 2x SP100 en 4x SP10 probes https://www.eleshop.nl/sensepeek-pcbite-complete-kit-100mhz.html
SM-4TP stereomicroscope 7-45x https://www.eleshop.nl/sm-4tp-szm7045xt-stl2-microscoop.html
Barlow lens 0.5x https://www.eleshop.nl/catalog/product/view/id/1712/s/0-5x-barlow-lens-voor-microscopen/category/194/
Barlow lens 2x https://www.eleshop.nl/2x-barlow-lens-voor-microscopen.html
HDMI camera for microscope 1080p 60fps https://www.eleshop.nl/catalog/product/view/id/2939/s/hdmi-camera-voor-microscoop-1080p-60fps/category/194/
Andonstar AD409 microscope https://www.eleshop.nl/andonstar-ad409-microscoop.html
Hakko FX-951 digital soldering station https://www.eleshop.nl/hakko-fx-951.html
Quick 381A ESD vacuum pick-up tool https://www.eleshop.nl/quick-381a-esd-vacuum-pick-up-tool.html
Quick 861DW ESD hot air soldering station https://www.eleshop.nl/quick-861dw-esd-heteluchtstation.html
ZD-8915 digital desoldering station https://www.eleshop.nl/zd-8915-desoldeerstation.html
Aoyue FEK-01 fume extraction system https://www.eleshop.nl/aoyue-fek-01-soldeerdamp-afzuiger.html
MHP30 Mini Hot Plate https://www.amazon.nl/InLoveArts-Verwarmingsstation-Preheaterheating-Microelektronica-Enthousiasten/dp/B08P37HZRF/
ECO-WORTHY T962 Reflow oven https://www.amazon.nl/ECO-WORTHY-infrarood-soldeer-BGA-Heater-Reflow/dp/B017BARMQG/
Wiha 26813 Z40103 zijkniptang met draadklemveer https://www.eleshop.nl/wiha-z-40-1-03-zijkniptang.html
Wiha 26801 Z36003 puntbektang https://www.eleshop.nl/wiha-z-36003-puntbektang.html
Wiha 33472 striptang Z49703 180mm https://www.eleshop.nl/wiha-z-41-1-03-zijkniptang-850.html
Wiha Electricienschaar Z71506 (29420) https://www.eleshop.nl/wiha-electricienschaar-z71606-33910.html
Krimptang voor adereindhulzen https://www.eleshop.nl/krimptang-voor-adereindhulzen.html
adereindhulstang incl adereindhulzen https://www.hbm-machines.com/producten/hbm-1200-delige-hbm-kabelkrimptang-kabelschoentang-adereindhulstang
HBM Kabelkrimptang, kabelschoentang, adereindhulstang https://www.hbm-machines.com/producten/gereedschap-en-toebehoren/tangen-en-scharen/hbm-kabel-krimptang
HBM Profi 4 in 1 Automatische Draadstriptang met Knip en Krimpfunctie https://www.hbm-machines.com/producten/gereedschap-en-toebehoren/tangen-en-scharen/hbm-professionele-4-in-1-automatische-draadstriptang-met-knip-en-krimpfunctie
HBM Kabelkrimptang, kabelschoentang, adereindhulstang Kleine Maat https://www.hbm-machines.com/producten/gereedschap-en-toebehoren/tangen-en-scharen/hbm-kabelkrimptang-kabelschoentang-kleine-maat
dupont stekkertang SN-28B https://www.amazon.nl/Krimptang-Dupont-krimpconnectoren-JST-XH-connectorbehuizingen-pinheaders-Dupont-kabel/dp/B07VGF34KX/
netwerkgereedschapset https://www.conrad.nl/p/logilink-wz0030-netwerk-gereedschapset-1303755
Wiha 39685 7-delige VDE TORX set https://www.eleshop.nl/wiha-39685-vde.html
Wiha 3201 K601 6-delige VDE slimfix schroevendraaierset https://www.eleshop.nl/wiha-38362.html
iFixit Pro Tech gereedschapsset https://www.eleshop.nl/ifixit-pro-tech-toolkit.html
iFixit Manta gereedschapsset https://www.eleshop.nl/ifixit-manta.html
HBM 2 Liter Professional Ultrasonic Cleaner https://www.hbm-machines.com/producten/ultrasoon-reinigers/ultrasoon-reinigerssub/hbm-2-liter-professionele-deluxe-ultrasoon-reiniger

Available components

These components are mostly based on the Fabacademy Inventory. See https://inventory.fabcloud.io/?purpose=Electronics%20Design.

Kicad footprints of most of these components can be found in the Fab Electronics Component Library for Kicad.

TRIMMER 10K ST-4ETB103 RS: 244-4427P
C CER 100nF 100V X7R 1206 RS: 740-7596P
C CER 1UF 50V X7R 1206 RS: 242-7422P
C ALUM 1000UF 10V FARNELL: 8823294
C CER 10UF 35V X6S 1206 FARNELL: 3790463
C ALUM 100UF 20% 25V SMD RS: 262-4900P
D SCHOTTKY 100V 150MA SOD123 FARNELL: 2341640
D SCHOTTKY 100V 1A SOD123 FARNELL: 2311175
D ZENER 3.3V 500MW SOD123 RS: 751-3730P
D ZENER 4.7V 500MW SOD123 FARNELL: 3127255
MOSFET N 30V 5.2A SOT23-3 FARNELL: 1858945
MOSFET P 20V 3.2A SOT23-3 FARNELL: 3470723
MOSFET N-CH 30V 90A TO252 FARNELL: 1775565
LIN REG 3.3V 100MA SOT23-3 RS: 536-1530
LIN REG 5V 100MA SOT23-3 RS: 504-5115P
LIN REG 3.3V 1A SOT223 FARNELL: 3483087
LIN REG 5V 1A SOT223 RS: 802-1743P
Slide Switch SPDT C&K FARNELL: 2931764
Push Switch SPST-NO OMRON FARNELL: 2076274
Push Switch SPST-NO C&K CONRAD: 2580673-62
CONN HEADER 4POS 1.27MM RS: 180-2663
CONN HEADER 4POS 2.54MM RS: 180-0507
CONN RCPT 10P IDC, 2.54MM FARNELL: 1103927
CONN RCPT 10P IDC, 1.27MM FARNELL: 3880851

SMD books

We have several SMD books available. The content of these books are listed below.

Resistors (SMD 1206)

Resistors SMD Book Value accuracy
Resistors E24 series

from 0 Ohm to 10MOhm


Capacitors (SMD 1206)

capacity accuracy Voltage Rating Type capacity accuracy Voltage Rating Type
0.5PF ±0.1PF 50V NP0 /C0G 36PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G
0.75PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 39PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G
1PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 43PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G
1.2PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 47PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G
1.3PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 51PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G
1.5PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 56PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G
1.6PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 62PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G
1.8PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 68PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G
2PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 82PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G
2.2PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 100PF ±10% 50V X7R
2.4PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 110PF ±10% 50V X7R
2.5PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 120PF ±10% 50V X7R
2.7PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 150PF ±10% 50V X7R
3PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 180PF ±10% 50V X7R
3.3PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 200PF ±10% 50V X7R
3.6PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 220PF ±10% 50V X7R
3.9PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 330PF ±10% 50V X7R
4.3PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 470PF ±10% 50V X7R
4.7PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 680PF ±10% 50V X7R
5PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 820PF ±10% 50V X7R
6PF ±0.5PF 50V NP0 /C0G 1NF ±10% 50V X7R
6.2PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 1.5NF ±10% 50V X7R
6.8PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 2.2NF ±10% 50V X7R
7PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 3.3NF ±10% 50V X7R
7.5PF +5PF 50V NP0 /C0G 4.7NF ±10% 50V X7R
8PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 6.8NF ±10% 50V X7R
8.2PF ±5PF 50V NP0 /C0G 8.2NF ±10% 50V X7R
9PF ±0.25PF 50V NP0 /C0G 10NF ±10% 50V X7R
10PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G 15NF ±10% 25V X7R
11PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G 22NF ±10% 25V X7R
12PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G 33NF ±10% 16V X7R
15PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G 47NF ±10% 16V X7R
16PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G 68NF ±10% 16V X7R
18PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G 82NF ±10% 16V X7R
20PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G 100NF ±10% 16V X7R
22PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G 220NF ±10% 10V X5R
24PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G 470NF ±10% 10V X5R
27PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G 680NF +10% 10V X5R
30PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G 820NF ±10% 10V X5R
33PF ±5% 50V NP0 /C0G 1UF ±10% 10V X5R


Inductors SMD Book
Inductors SMD 0805 TDK MLF 2012 series 10% https://product.tdk.com/en/system/files?file=dam/doc/product/inductor/inductor/smd/catalog/inductor_commercial_standard_mlf2012_en.pdf


Rectifier Diode book (SMA)
Model Housing Forward Current Voltage Rating Type Comparable to
M1 SMA 1A 50V General Purpose Rectifier 1N4001
M4 SMA 1A 50V General Purpose Rectifier 1N4004
M7 SMA 1A 1000V General Purpose Rectifier 1N4007
US1M SMA 1A 1000V Ultra Fast Recovery Rectifier UF4007
RS1M SMA 1A 1000V Fast Recovery Rectifier FR107
RS2M SMA 2A 1000V Fast Recovery Rectifier RS2M
ES1J SMA 1A 600V Ultra Fast Rectifier SF18
ES1D SMA 1A 200V Ultra Fast Rectifier SF14
ES1M SMA 1A 100V Ultra Fast Rectifier ES1M
S1M SMA 1A 1000V Glass Passivated Rectifier S1M
S2M SMA 2A 1000V Glass Passivated Rectifier S2M
S3M SMA 3A 1000V Glass Passivated Rectifier S3M
SS14 SMA 1A 40V Schottky 1N5819
SS24 SMA 2A 40V Schottky SR240
SS26 SMA 2A 60V Schottky SR260
SS34 SMA 3A 40V Schottky 1N5822
SS36 SMA 3A 60V Schottky SR360
SS110 SMA 1A 100V Schottky SR1100
SS210 SMA 2A 100V Schottky SR2100
SS220 SMA 2A 200V Schottky SR2200
SS310 SMA 3A 100V Schottky SR3100
SS510 SMA 5A 100V Schottky SR5100
SS16 SMA 1A 60V Schottky SR160
SS12 SMA 1A 20V Schottky 1N5817
LL4148 LL34/SOD80C 0.5A 100V General Purpose Rectifier 1N4148
1N4148W SOD123 150mA 75V General Purpose Rectifier 1N4148
Zener Diode Book (LL34 = SOD-80C = mini-MELF) Zener Diode Book (0805 / SOD323 and 1206/SOD123)
Model Zener Voltage Power Rating Model Zener Voltage
ZMM2V4 2.4V 0.5w 2V4 2.4V
ZMM2V7 2.7V 0.5w 2V7 2.7V
ZMM3V0 3.0V 0.5w 3V0 3.0V
ZMM3V3 3.3V 0.5w 3V3 3.3V
ZMM3V9 3.9V 0.5w 3V6 3.6V
ZMM4V3 4.3V 0.5w 3V9 3.9V
ZMM4V7 4.7V 0.5w 4V3 4.3V
ZMM5V1 5.1V 0.5w 4V7 4.7V
ZMM5V6 5.6V 0.5w 5V1 5.1V
ZMM6V2 6.2V 0.5w 5V6 5.6V
ZMM6V8 6.8V 0.5w 6V2 6.2V
ZMM7V5 7.5V 0.5w 6V8 6.8V
ZMM8V2 8.2V 0.5w 7V5 7.5V
ZMM9V1 9.1V 0.5w 8V2 8.2V
ZMM10 10V 0.5w 9V1 9.1V
ZMM12 12V 0.5w 10V 10V
ZMM13 13V 0.5w 11V 11V
ZMM15 15V 0.5w 12V 12V
ZMM16 16V 0.5w 13V 13V
ZMM18 18V 0.5w 15V 15V
ZMM20 20V 0.5w 16V 16V
ZMM22 22V 0.5w 18V 18V
ZMM24 24V 0.5w 20V 20V
ZMM27 27V 0.5w 22V 22V
ZMM30 30V 0.5w 24V 24V
ZMM48 48V 0.5w 27V 27V
30V 30V

Transistors (and diodes in SOT23)

Transistor/Diode book (SOT23)
Model Packaging Marking Type Ic max Vce max Ib max hFE
MMBT3904LT1G SOT23 1AM NPN 200 40 50 100
MMBT3906LT1G SOT23 2A PNP 200 40 50 100
MMBT5401LT1G SOT23 2L PNP 150 150 50 100
MMBT5551LT1G SOT23 G1 NPN 150 180 50 100
MMBT2222ALT1G SOT23 1P NPN 600 40 150 100
MMBT2907ALT1G SOT23 2F PNP 600 40 150 100
MMBTA42LT1G SOT23 1D PNP 500 300 50 100
MMBTA92LT1G SOT23 2D PNP 500 300 50 100
MMBTA44LT1G SOT23 3D NPN 500 300 50 100
MMBTA94T1G SOT23 4D/4Z NPN 500 300 50 100
MMBT4401LT1G SOT23 2X NPN 600 40 150 100
MMBT4403LT1G SOT23 2T PNP 600 40 150 100
MMBTH1OLT1G SOT23 3EM PNP 600 40 150 100
M28S SOT23 28S NPN 500 30 50 100
S8050 SOT23 J3Y NPN 700 20 70 100
S8550 SOT23 2TY PNP 700 20 70 100
SS8050 SOT23 Y1 NPN 700 20 70 100
SS8550 SOT23 Y2 PNP 700 20 70 100
S9012 SOT23 2T1 PNP 500 40 50 100
S9013 SOT23 J3 NPN 500 40 50 100
S9014 S0T23 J6 NPN 500 40 50 100
S9015 SOT23 M6 NPN 500 40 50 100
S9018 SOT23 J8 NPN 500 40 50 100
2SA812 SOT23 M6/L6 PNP 500 50 50 100
2SC1815 SOT23 HF NPN 1500 50 150 70-700
2SA1015 SOT23 BA PNP 1500 50 150 70-700
2SC945 SOT23 CR NPN 150 50 15 70-700
2SA733 SOT23 CS PNP 150 50 15 70-700
2SC1623 SOT23 L6/L7 NPN 1000 50 150 70-700
2SC2712 SOT23 LY/LG NPN 1000 50 150 70-700
BC807-25 SOT23 5B NPN 500 45 50 100
BC817-25 SOT23 6B NPN 500 45 50 100
BC807-40 SOT23 5C NPN 500 45 50 100
B0817-40 SOT23 6C NPN 500 45 50 100
B08478 SOT23 1F NPN 500 45 50 100
BC8470 SOT23 1G NPN 100 45 5 100-630
BC857B SOT23 3F PNP 100 45 5 100-630
B0857C SOT23 3G PNP 100 45 5 100-630
BC846B S0T23 1B NPN 100 65 5 100-630
BC856B SOT23 3B PNP 100 65 5 100-630
Model Packaging Marking Type Vds Id Vgs Ptot
2N7002 SOT23 7002 N-channel MOSFET 60 0,115 20 0,36
SI2301 SOT23 A1SHB N-channel MOSFET 20 1,5 8 1,25
SI2302 SOT23 A2SHB N-channel MOSFET 20 2,5 8 1,25
SI2305 SOT23 A5SHB N-channel MOSFET 20 3,5 8 1,25
SI2306 SOT23 A6SHB N-channel MOSFET 20 4,3 8 1,25
A03401 SOT23 A19T P-channel MOSFET -20 -1,5 -8 1,25
A03407 SOT23 A79T P-channel MOSFET -20 -2,5 -8 1,25
2SK3018 SOT23 KN N-channel MOSFET 30 0,1 10 0,4
2S03356 SOT23 R24/R25 N-channel MOSFET 60 0,1 20 0,36
Model Packaging Marking Type Forward Current Voltage Rating Type
1SS226 SOT23 3 Schottky diode 0,35 100
1SS181 SOT23 A3 Schottky diode 0,35 100
BAT54 SOT23 KL1 Schottky diode 0,32 200
BAT54A SOT23 KL2 Schottky diode 0,32 200
BAT54S SOT23 KL4 Schottky diode 0,32 200
BAT540 SOT23 KL3 Schottky diode 0,32 200
BAS16 SOT23 A6 Switching diode 0,7 200
BAV70 SOT23 A4 Switching diode 0,9 200
BAV99 SOT23 A7 Switching diode 1,25 200
BAW56 SOT23 A1 Switching diode 1,25 200
TL431 SOT23 431 Programmable shunt voltage regulator ranging from 2.495 to 36 V, at currents up 100 mA.